story of a survivor

It is often in the darkest skies
that we see the brightest stars.

We are here to help you shine your light...

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you are not alone...

A beautiful story from a wonderful, kind hearted, strong and determined woman who never gave up on her fight to have a little miracle baby...


Infertility affects a growing number of women and men. "No matter how it's defined, though, it seems that the overall number of people facing fertility problems has increased over the years. In 1984, the estimated percentage of couples with fertility problems was 5.4%. In 1992, this number increased to 8.5%. And today, the estimated prevalence (total number of couples with infertility) is up to 15.7%." -…/infertility-more-common-t…

Marlena, my beautiful and strong survivor, had a very long, difficult, emotionally draining journey of fertility treatments before her princess finally arrived and blessed both her and her loving husband. It was not an easy road. Marlena has been such a joy to meet and work with, a woman who has opened her heart and decided to share her story, a sensitive story, and knows she is not alone. She wanted to help spread her story, knowing many women out there are suffering in silence, shame, embarrassment, hurt, sorrow. She hopes she can be a light at the end of their tunnel, a ray of hope that gives them encouragement to know that giving up is not the answer, losing hope is not the answer.

"For God answers in 3 ways...He says yes and gives you what you want...He says no and gives you something better...He says wait and gives you the best..." `unknown.

As a photographer, these moments are such important and special milestones in ones life, that I believe are worthy of being documented, cherished, and enjoyed, with family and friends alike...Your children will no doubt forever cherish these memories.

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If you know of a friend or family member who needs a little ray of hope, a positive message, please feel free to share the love. 

Thank you to my amazing team for all your kind help in bringing extra joy to one woman at a time...
& Thank you so much Marlena for being a beautiful and brave soul, sharing your story with us all. I can't get enough of your gorgeous Madison 

Beautiful Marlena Bauer
Hair/makeup: Kathy Vallee Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Stylist: Laura Cates Fashion Stylist
Video: Terranian Productions
photographer: Bianca Morello Portrait Photographer


She is MORE than cancer,

she is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a best friend, a fearless woman...


I began this project a long time ago, planning, conceptualizing, wanting to bring a ray of hope and inspiration to those going through a difficult time, needing words to uplift them and needing the strength and hope to get through just another day. I began my survivor project with my loved ones in mind. We are all survivors, even our support system. We have all been there in some way or another, have family, friends, and loved ones near or far who have been touched by cancer in some way. My father, my Superman, my inspiration, who has also battled cancer and came through, had a long and difficult journey ahead, with the unconditional love and support of my mother and family, he stayed strong...and beat cancer. My children always came to mind and I am so so so grateful of his positive outcome, and that he gets to see them grow older, that my children have this blessing of seeing their grandfather grow old and share amazing memories with him...

THIS WOMAN, this pillar of strength, hope, positivity and beauty, has come into my life and has showed me anything is possible. MEI-LIN, who has inspired, and continues to inspire women and men, young or old, all around her, has a story with a beautiful ending. 

Mei-Lin's words, her smile, her joy are infectious and I saw everything good in her, that transcended, that I related to with my own experience. She is a ray of light! So beautiful inside and out! If her words and her story can inspire at least 1 person to live life to its fullest, to create a legacy with their loved ones to enjoy with family and friends, to especially, CELEBRATE LIFE, this is all we can hope for. Exist in photographs, for your family, for yourself...CELEBRATE YOU. 

I want to thank everyone who has helped realize this vision of mine, all the amazing women I have met who have been a part of this survivor project, Marlena BauerCynthia IorioMei-Lin YeeKathy ValleeLaura CatesJason BolanisTeny Sarkissian. I appreciate everything you have done and helped with, in making this experience a truly beautiful one.

If you feel anyone can benefit from this positive message, please feel free to share the love... 

For all who have battled and who have sadly left us, you will always and forever be remembered. 

Hair and Makeup by Kathy Vallee Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Videographer: Jason Bolanis at Terranian Productions